Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my Air conditioner making a Loud Noise?
There are a few reasons cause the noise:
– Air conditioner compressor has problem
– Fan motor does not function well
– Some parts / screw loose inside the air conditioner

If the air con compressor creates lots of noise, then replacing the compressor can solve this problem.
If the fan motor makes a lot of noise while the air con start running, replacing the fan motor can solve the problem.
If the noise is from any loose parts, tightening it back to the right position can solve the problem.

Leaks/ Water leaking / dripping from air conditioning
It is usually a blocked drainage pipe that is causing this problem, in this case cleaning the blocked drainage pipe should solve this problem.
The second reason maybe from the air con installation itself, if the technician did not pay attention to the angle of drainage pipe when they installed the air con, then your air con will leak every now and then or occasionally. If it happens after proper cleaning, then you should ask the technician to check the level and angle of the drainage water pipe.

The air conditioner light is flashing/blinking
When you cannot turn on your air conditioner and the green light starts blinking.
Find the cancel button of your remote control, press the cancel button then the error code will show, when you hear the long continues BEEP sound, then you will see the correct error code. For example, Daikin split type unit error code “E7”.
In this time, you can check the error code list, find out what the problem is and fix it.

Air conditioner remote is not working
If there is no display showing on your remote control, check the battery condition or change new battery.
The humid weather will affect the function of air con / TV remote, avoid putting the remote control next to the sink / humid area is good way to avoid this problem.

Is the Universal remote suitable for my air conditioner?
The universal remote control is suitable for most air conditioners but not all. Check with supplier before you purchase remote controller.

How to switch on the air conditioner without remote control?
For split type air conditioner,
After you open the cover of air con unit, you can find a small button / hole. Use a small screwdriver, stick or screw to press the button, than you will here a BEEP sound.
You can turn on your air conditioner using this button but you won’t be able to change the temperature. The pre-set temperature is around 24 degree.

Air conditioner Smell issues
There are usually two reason why your air con smell:
1: The air conditioner has not been properly cleaned for a long time. The smell is caused from the dirt, mold and fungus built up inside your indoor unit.
In this case, asking a professional to clean your air con properly is a good idea.
2: The water pipe at the outdoor unit has been connected to somewhere not suitable.
In this case, ask the technician to reconnect the pipe in the right place can solve the problem.
3: Check the area around the outdoor unit, outdoor unit maybe clogged up check this while the air con (machine) is running. To make sure there are no smelly objects, such as bird poo, rubbish around is a good method.

Why does air conditioner freeze up/ice?
If airflow is blocked off from your air con unit this could cause your air con to freeze up.
If you set your temperature too cold & the filter is dirty this can also cause this problem.
The other possible issue maybe the Freon is leaking / or not enough. If this case find out where the leaks is, fix it and refill the Freon.

Air conditioner won’t turn on
You can try to switch off the power (circuit breaker box) of your air conditioner and restart it again.
Check thermostat is not coming on, check the battery / change new battery and test it.
If the compressor is burnt out, you won’t be able to turn on your air con unit.

Air conditioner is blowing but not producing cool air
If the air con fan is running but the Freon / refrigerant or condenser is not working.
If the refrigerant/ Freon leaks, the unit might not be able to produce cool air.

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