Service Cases

Kennedy Town
Our customer requests to install air con in their new shop in Kennedy town,
We visited their shop, understood what they want and checked out the site condition. After that we provided a few solutions for them to choose. We finished the job and the image on the left is the feedback from them.

Air con cleaning – Goldwin Height, Mid-Level, HK
Our customer requires us to clean their split type air con in Mid-Level Hong Kong. As soon as we get the air con information from our customer, we provide our solution with the quotation and estimated time.

After customer has made the booking, our technician checked the A/C (with furniture covered with plastic) and cleaned the A/C with special Tool. The A/C is left dry & checked.

It took 1 hour and 20 minutes for our team to finish the cleaning for 2 split type air con unit. And our customer is satisfied with the job.

Solution to air condition noise problem – Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Our customer who lives in Yuen Long Villa requested us to repair her air con.
The problem with her air con unit was noisy level of the indoor unit.
The solution was we supplied & installed a better quality motor and enclosed the motor with sound insulation material.
At the left hand side is feedback from our satisfied customer MS Fox.

Air conditioner cleaning – Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
We were requested by one of our valued customer to do the air con cleaning in her house in Sai Kung. It has installed nine (9) split type air con in total. Our team finished the cleaning of all nine air-con units in one working day. As they were split type air con system there was the indoor and outdoor units to be cleaned.

We recommend to our customers to clean the indoor unit by a technician at least once a year.
For the outdoor unit, we recommend them to be cleaned once every three year.

Air conditioner repair in Tuen Mun – Gold Coast, Hong Kong
Our customer saw a blinking light on the living room air conditioner indicatating a problem with the air con unit. The problem was the indoor unit sensor was receving the wrong singal from the remote control. The solution was to turn off the power and turn on the power and reset the indoor unit.

On the left hand side is the feedback form the customer Georg.

Regular Air conditioner Cleaning in Hong Kong (mid-level)
Our customer Jim requested our services to clean all his all three air conditioners with particular attention to the the baby’s room. Our team successfully completed the services.

Jim is happy with our service and realised regular maintenance and cleaning of the air con is beneficial.

Cleaning of type diffirent type of air coditioner & remote control set up
Kath who lives in central (Hong Kong) requested our air con cleaning services for her apartment. She has wo different type of air conditioner, one ceiling type and two split type.
The ceiling type is more difficult to clean and requires access to the ceiling cavity through the man-hole so we could clean the indoor unit.
However, the two split cylce air con are simpler to clean.
On our recommandation to have a remote for each air conditioner the customer requested our service was to supply and set up universal remote controls.