AC Services

We provide professional air con services which include air con cleaning, repair, removal & installation & maintenance.
Cleaning your air con regularly can save on energy cost, extend the life and efficiency of your air-con.
Our technicians have over 11 years experiences in air con servicing in HK.
We believe in our professional experience and knowledge, we will be able to help you solve your air con problem.

Air Con Cleaning Charge

Air Con Type 1 – 1.5hp 2 – 2.5hp 3 – 4hp
Window Type AC 700 780 850
Split Type AC 750 880 1000
Ceiling Type AC 1000 1300

Air Con Service Charge

Air con leaks/leaking: $800
Refill freon $700 (in a safe condition)
Install tray for window type air con $600
Replace capacitor (in a safe condition) $800
Repair copper pipe $600
On site checking $700 (will be deducted from job cost if you proceed with our service)
Intergral air con $1200/ea
Wind gate $1000
*if ceiling height is above 3 meters, we will charge $150/ea.

Our service areas cover the following:
Sai Kung:
Greenfield villa, Tai Wai Village, Solemar Villas, Sai Kung Country Park, Tso Wo Villa, Sha Kok Mei…….

Hong Kong Island:
Comfort Gardens, City Garden, Chee On Building, Robinson road – Solon House, First Mansion, 126 Wing Lok St, Robinson Mansion, Fuk Kwan Ave, 128 Caine Road , Third Street, EIB Tower- Morrison Hill Road, Yee On Building, …..

New Territories:
Grand Palisades, Yoho, Caldecott Road, Gold Coast, Aegean Coast, Villa Pinada, So Kwun Wat….